Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Texas Shootout

170 bikers held on $1m bail after Texas shootout

Police investigating Waco biker melee remain on guard

I really don't know what went down. It's not lost on me that the event was in the same place that the government murdered a bunch of people under false pretenses after calling the press down and saying come have a look-see at us busting these crazed religious nuts. Turned out later it was all lies, the government story as transmitted by the press was all bull, and after a month or so of embarrassment they plowed into the place, fired off a gas shell with the resulting explosion hitting a fuel area igniting the place, and then they turned around and blamed the victims saying it was some suicide cult. That's pretty much standard knowledge now, even if no one likes to talk about it and recalls the official narrative when toggled. 

As for the biker gangs, well....

Polish PM sees ride by Russian bikers as a ‘provocation’
Poland to bar motorcyclists loyal to Putin
Nationalist bikers mark Soviet assault
Polish border guards refuse entry for 10 Russian bikers

They should be thankful they were turned away; otherwise, they would be held in detention and be forced to watch beheading videos (ISIS is now in Poland. The good news is the kids spotted the fakery).

RelatedMotorcycle riders raise money for veterans

Oh, no, no, those are the good guys.

Made you forget about this:

"FBI had sent memo on Texas gunman" Associated Press  May 12, 2015

GARLAND, Texas — Officers protecting a controversial Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest did not know about an FBI memo sent to authorities in Texas beforehand that contained information about one of two gunmen who ultimately attempted to attack the event, but the details would not have changed their response, Garland’s police chief said Monday.

Oh, they got a healthy warning and all but still couldn't stop the staged and scripted false flag production

Police Chief Mitch Bates told reporters that no one at the law enforcement command post set up to monitor the event was aware that the FBI had sent a memo about Elton Simpson hours before the May 3 shooting, even though he acknowledged that a Garland police officer sits on the local terrorism task force that he says received the information via e-mail.

Bates said his department’s officer on the Joint Terrorism Task Force was working the event and did not see the memo until after the shooting. ‘‘No one at event command post was aware of this informational e-mail,’’ he said.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force is a collaboration of federal and local law enforcement.

Bates did not specify whether the memo was passed on to him, but he said seeing it in advance would not have made a difference because it didn’t include any specific information that Simpson was a threat to the event.

Then why all the tax dollars being wasted on such ineffective means?

‘‘Please note that the contents of that e-mail would not have prevented this shooting, nor would it have changed the law enforcement response in any fashion,’’ he added.

Simpson and the other gunman, Nadir Soofi, were shot and killed by officers outside the contest hall.

So we are told, yeah.


NDUWaco restaurant video shows bikers, others seeking cover

"None of the nine video angles show the parking lot, where police say the shootout took place," and thus this is looking like another fiction. Just so happens Jade Helm is down there and these government-backed goons go nuts? Yeah, okay. So which assignment are they riding to next?


"One of nine bikers killed at a shootout outside a Texas restaurant was a Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient whose family members dispute police claims he was in a criminal group. Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, of New Braunfels, was one of nine bikers killed Sunday when gunfire erupted at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. Authorities have said the shooting began during an apparent confrontation between two rival motorcycle gangs — the Bandidos and the Cossacks."