Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Globe Special: Deadbeat Dads

Maybe a public figure could be a Fuhrer, 'er father to them all?

"Fatherhood class faces difficult test in N. Milwaukee" by Eli Saslow Washington Post  May 24, 2015

MILWAUKEE — Paul Gayle, 19, had pushed a creaky stroller through one of Milwaukee’s worst neighborhoods and ridden a bus across the city not because he wanted to attend a class called Fragile Families and Responsible Fatherhood, but because, like everyone else in the room, he saw no other choice.

Some of the men had been told to take the class as a condition of visiting their estranged children. Others had been lured by the promise of job referrals or reduced child-support payments.

Gayle had come mostly because of the promise of free baby supplies, and lately he had been purchasing his Pampers one at a time, repeating the same transaction so often at a corner store that a clerk had dubbed it the Daddy Paul Special, 75 cents for a single cigarette and a size-3 diaper.

Here in one of America’s most segregated cities, the biweekly fatherhood class has become President Obama’s preferred antidote to so many of the problems facing black men. His administration approved the 16-class curriculum and devoted more than $500 million to funding hundreds of fatherhood classes around the country.

One of the biggest grants went to North Milwaukee, where, ‘‘Strong fathers can be the first and best step toward fixing these communities and helping our children reach their goals,’’ Obama said last year while promoting the classes.

Gayle had been offered two jobs but failed the drug tests.

What was he doing, smoking pot?

It had been several days since he had seen the baby’s mother, a former longtime girlfriend who was no longer living with them.

‘‘Sapphire misses you. Are you coming over to see her?’’ he had texted once, and the silence that followed made him think Sapphire might become another black child whose long odds depended on a single parent, and that parent was him.

In the first fatherhood class he had recited 20 strategies for managing anger. In the fifth he had role-played effective methods of child discipline; Now the teacher asked the students to stand for a group exercise, so Gayle grabbed the baby and joined his classmates in the center of the room.

The teacher said he would read a series of ‘‘value statements,’’ and students would go to the right side of the room if they agreed with the statement, the left side if they disagreed, or stay in the center if they were unsure.

‘‘Men and women are equally capable of caring for children,’’ the teacher said, and all at once the men began to move, half to the right and half to the left, jarring at each other as they went.

Gayle still stood alone in the center of the room, watching everyone move, cradling the baby against his shoulder.

‘‘Paul, come on man, what are you sure about?’’ the teacher asked.

‘‘Me being honest?’’ he said. ‘‘You’re asking us for simple yes/no answers, and I can see it both ways. It’s a whole lot more complicated than you’re making it seem.’’

What, nothing in the world truly black and white as history, authority, and education tell us?


Maybe a missing father was to blame for this tragedy:

"DA rejects charging white officer in Wisconsin shooting death" by Todd Richmond Associated Press  May 13, 2015

MADISON, Wis. — A white Wisconsin police officer will not be charged for fatally shooting an unarmed 19-year-old biracial man who witnesses say was acting erratically and attacked at least two people, a prosecutor revealed Tuesday.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said he won’t file charges against Madison Officer Matt Kenny in Tony Robinson’s death, which sparked several peaceful protests following the March 6 shooting in an apartment house near the state Capitol.

Ozanne, sweating profusely and mopping his brow repeatedly with a handkerchief, spoke forcefully for some 25 minutes laying out the results of a state Justice Department investigation. He cited three 911 callers whose accounts meshed with that from police. The callers described Robinson as ‘‘tweaking,’’ punching a friend, jumping in front of a car, punching one person trying to call 911 in the face, and assaulting two people on the sidewalk. One caller feared for both his safety and Robinson’s, Ozanne said.

“ ‘Tony is acting insane right now,’ ’’ one of the callers told dispatchers, according to Ozanne.

When Kenny reached the apartment building, he heard incoherent yelling, screaming, what sounded like a fist hitting something, and items being thrown or breaking. Kenny thought Robinson was upstairs and might be attacking someone, Ozanne said.

The officer ran inside and went upstairs with his weapon drawn, Ozanne said. He announced his presence and almost immediately the 6-foot-4 Robinson punched him in the side of the head, according to Ozanne. Kenny said he fell into the wall, hitting his head, Ozanne said.

Kenny said he was afraid he would fall down the stairs and lose consciousness, Ozanne said. Fearing that Robinson would then take his gun and shoot him as well as whoever was in the apartment, Kenny fired seven shots in three seconds, Ozanne said.

All seven struck Robinson, with every round entering the front of his body, the district attorney said.

‘‘I conclude that his tragic and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly police force and that no charges should be brought against Officer Kenny,’’ Ozanne said.

Toxicology reports confirmed that Robinson had been using hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana, and had Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug, in his system, Ozanne added. 

The poor kid was tripping out, huh?

The district attorney, who is biracial but identifies as black, stressed his own racial background before announcing his decision. He ended his statement with an implicit plea against violent demonstrations, saying ‘‘truth and lasting change does not come from violence, but from exercising our voices and our votes.’’

Oh, steering us over to the ballot box, 'eh? 

Yeah, change doesn't come from violence unless it is the U.S. government needing a regime change somewhere.


Following the announcement, about 20 people sat in the street in front of the house where Robinson was shot, chanting ‘‘This is what democracy looks like’’ and ‘‘No justice, no peace.’’ Clergy stood around the protesters, protecting them from oncoming cars. No police were at the scene....

So they wanted a riot in Wisconsin like they did in Baltimore?

The shooting was another in a series of police confrontations that have ignited racial tension across the nation in the past year. Most recently in Baltimore, riots erupted after the funeral for Freddie Gray, a black man who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody. Other high-profile cases of officers killing unarmed black residents include the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.; Eric Garner in New York City; and Walter Scott in North Charleston, S.C.

I'm suspicious of all those events because of the propaganda pre$$ flogging.

Six officers have been charged in Gray’s death, as has the officer who killed Scott.

Think I'm done there.

Grand juries declined to charge officers in Brown’s and Garner’s deaths.


Robinson’s mother said ‘‘They didn’t give my son any respect.’’

"Decision in Wis. police shooting stirs protests" by Dana Ferguson and Todd Richmond Associated Press  May 14, 2015

MADISON, Wis. — Protesters angry about a prosecutor’s decision not to charge a white Madison police officer for killing an unarmed biracial man staged a mock hearing outside a courthouse Wednesday.

After a peaceful procession from the apartment house where Officer Matt Kenny killed 19-year-old Tony Robinson on March 6 through the streets of the state capital to the Dane County Courthouse, 150 to 200 protesters looked on as others laid out the case for why Kenny should stand trial.

‘‘Was Tony Robinson murdered and should Matt Kenny be charged with homicide?’’ Alix Shabazz, one of the event’s organizers, shouted to her fellow protesters.

The crowd gave its rousing approval.

Madison’s mayor, Paul Soglin, had warned that anyone who broke the law would be arrested. And at the end of the event, police arrested some two dozen protesters who locked arms and blocked an intersection near the courthouse. As the police were detaining those protesters, onlookers hurled insults at the officers, including racial epithets.

On Tuesday, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said he would not charge Kenny because he thought the officer’s actions were justified. Kenny shot and killed Robinson in an apartment house stairwell on March 6 after Robinson, who was high on mushrooms and already had attacked several people that night, struck the officer in the head.

The demonstration Wednesday was organized by the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition, a group that has organized a series of protests since the March 6 shooting. All of the protests about Robinson’s death have been peaceful, unlike some of the demonstrations that followed the high-profile deaths of young black men in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore in the past year.

Before the march began, Shabazz implored her fellow protesters not to interact with the police.

‘‘They are not your friend,’’ Shabazz told them. ‘‘There is nothing positive that is going to come from that [interaction].’’

Gee, that's a little inciteful, no?

Police cordoned off the streets and rerouted traffic to accommodate the march, as volunteers from several community groups, including 100 Black Men and the Urban League, looked on, ready to advise anyone who appeared ready to break the law to think twice.

  I'm sorry, folks, but it's controlled opposition. Police are assisting and not cracking skulls?

Ozanne, who is biracial and identifies as black, is Wisconsin’s first minority district attorney. He pointed to his racial heritage as he announced he wasn’t going to charge Kenny, saying he views Robinson’s death through that lens but based his decision on the facts.

Could be a first.

‘‘I am concerned that recent violence around our nation is giving some in our community a justification for fear, hatred, and violence,’’ Ozanne said Tuesday. ‘‘I am reminded that true and lasting change does not come from violence but from exercising our voices and our votes.’’

According to witnesses, Robinson has consumed psychedelic mushrooms at a friend’s apartment on the night he was killed.

My drug and addiction, unfortunately, is a Globe and coffee.

He became violent and tried to grab one friend’s crotch and took a swing at another friend. He later went outside and punched a man on the sidewalk, attempted to strangle another man at a gas station across the street, ran in and out of traffic, and took a swing at a couple before going back inside.

Ozanne said toxicology reports confirmed Robinson had taken mushrooms, smoked marijuana, and taken Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug....

He was really tripping, huh?


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I don't rule it out; I don't rule it in.