Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Right to Die II

Never appeared in print (II for what I call invisible ink), although I did not purcha$e yesterday.

Minnesota jury hears opening statements in right-to-die case

Neither did this:

EPA says Ohio incinerator emitted toxins into air

That stinks, huh?

I'm afraid any more digging at the beach will be usueless due to weather, so be careful on the way home (expect to see a lot of these kinds of stories this summer). You can go tomorrow, provided there is no oil slick.

Two banks misled Fannie and Freddie, judge rules

Globe fed me bread sandwich to start my print.

Anybody smell smoke?

"Four found slain in D.C. house set afire" Associated Press  May 16, 2015

WASHINGTON — A corporate executive, his wife, their 10-year-old son, and a housekeeper were slain inside a multimillion-dollar northwest Washington home that was set on fire, District of Columbia police said Friday while offering no details about who might have killed them or why.

There was no sign of forced entry at the house. Savvas Savopolous was the president of American Iron Works, a building materials manufacturer based in Hyattsville, Md. A person who answered the phone at the company’s headquarters declined to comment earlier Friday, and a message left after Savopolous was identified was not immediately returned.

The family home, valued at $4.5 million, is located blocks away from Vice President Joe Biden’s official residence....

Gee, that makes you wonder if someone is sending a message to Joe!


Kind of a mystery, huh?

The Globe did protect Petraeus by keeping things out of sight, but this guy did get clobbered for a day.

I will confe$$ that I made a purcha$e today (looked good when I was scouting it); however, I have left it pristine so far although I did glance at several items. Truthfully, it doesn't look worth reading, and if I'm not the propaganda pre$$ monitor.... that's part of the mission, to show you, that reader in the world what I, a concerned and conscientious citizen, was receiving as news from the flag$hip paper of the region. I didn't want to be another blog posting blogs. I like to mix some salient thoughts and points from others while offering my own views, but I'm finding it tougher to keep up and going more astray than when I started. 

Time to abort another abysmal post. I'm struggling with whether I should allow this blog to expire. Many have moved on and much has changed since I began (mostly for the wor$e). I remember the days when I used to meet with excitement the framing of issues by the propaganda pre$$. That day is no more.


Record $50 million worth of Mexican heroin seized in NYC

I gue$$ that's not worthy of print.

Oil pipeline spills about 21,000 gallons off California coast

Globe never got back to Indian Point, either.