Thursday, May 28, 2015

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You can skirt around it if you like.

"Allston man charged in Allston, Brighton assaults" by Aneri Pattani Globe Correspondent  May 26, 2015

An Allston man pleaded not guilty to charges that he sexually assaulted women in four separate incidents over the past several months, officials said.

Steven Lent, 26, was arraigned Tuesday in Boston Municipal Court in Brighton on charges of rape and indecent assault and battery, Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said in a statement.

Judge David Donnelly set bail at $50,000, and ordered Lent to surrender his passport, abide by a curfew, and stay out of Allston and Brighton, prosecutors said.

Lent was arrested Friday afternoon at his Brighton Avenue apartment. He is scheduled to return to court on July 14. An attorney for Lent was not immediately available for comment....


Any relation?


"Bail increased to $250,000 in Allston sex assaults case; Man allegedly preyed on BU students" by Astead W. Herndon Globe Correspondent  July 09, 2015

With a flick of a cigarette, out of his car and onto the highway, Steven Lent unknowingly provided trailing police officers with the alleged DNA evidence they needed, officials say.

Police investigating three sexual assaults and a rape reported near Lent’s home in Allston took him into custody Thursday while prosecutors used that evidence to persuade a clerk magistrate to raise the 26-year-old’s bail to $250,000.

Lent was originally arrested on May 26, but soon was released after posting $50,000 cash bail — before prosecutors completed processing of the DNA evidence. He pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of rape and indecent assault and battery in Suffolk Superior Court.

Lent allegedly targeted female Boston University students, in some cases, loitering near academic buildings searching for victims, Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum said in court.

In one case, Polumbaum said, Lent held the door for a student, then followed her home, crouching behind her at one point to take photos under her clothes.

The rape and one of the alleged assaults, as described by Polumbaum, occurred on Aug. 14, 2014. The two other assaults happened on May 4, just an hour apart. All of the attacks took place on or near Brighton Avenue, and close to Lent’s home, according to prosecutors.

Polumbaum presented evidence that Lent followed three of the women, taking photos of them, and forcibly grabbing their bodies, before running away. In the rape case, prosecutors said Lent allegedly forced the woman up against a wall while threatening to hurt her if she screamed.

Police, who were trailing Lent after the attacks in May, obtained a DNA sample after picking up a cigarette he threw out of his car, Polumbaum said. DNA from the cigarette allegedly matched DNA on a water bottle dropped by the attacker as he fled one of the crime scenes, officials said.

When police arrested Lent on May 26, he was packing with plans to move, Polumbaum said.

Suffolk Superior Court magistrate Gary Wilson, who presided over the case, said the new DNA evidence forced his hand in raising bail.

“The way these offenses occurred . . . with people walking on the street . . . I cannot keep bail at the original $50,000,” Wilson said.

Attorney Matt Rickman, who represented Lent in court, said he believed the original bail amount of $50,000 was appropriate, but he did not dispute the facts of the case. He also said his client has no prior record.

Rickman said Lent moved to Massachusetts after graduating in 2011 from a college in Maine. On his LinkedIn page, Lent said he graduated from University of Southern Maine with a degree in exercise science. Since his arrest in May, Lent, who works as an athletic trainer, has lived with his mother in Rhode Island.

If Lent posts the bail set Thursday, he would be required to abide by a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. curfew, report weekly to probation officers, and stay away from his alleged victims and witnesses. Before Thursday, he had been restricted to a “dusk until dawn” curfew without specified times.

“We have no problems with the bail conditions,” Rickman said in court. “But we believe . . . the original bail amount was appropriate.”

Rickman could not be reached after the court proceeding was over.

According to Polumbaum, police identified Lent through video evidence and witness descriptions. When police posted descriptive fliers throughout his neighborhood, Lent allegedly sent text messages to a friend, asking for help taking them down, Polumbaum said.

“He essentially identified himself,” Polumbaum said.

Polumbaum said police arrested Lent 10 days after the fliers were posted.

At the conclusion of the arraignment, Wilson assured lawyers he was not “grandstanding” for the media, and was increasing the bail based on the evidence.

In lieu of cash, Lent could also provide the bondsman with $2.5 million surety bond, Wilson said.