Wednesday, May 27, 2015

$unny Understory in Somerville

"Weather startup Understory helps City of Somerville plan for climate change" by Nidhi Subbaraman/Globe Staff

When a cold front moved into Somerville the middle of last week, the team at Understory sat by their computer screens, watching it engulf the city in real time. As part of a new partnership with the city, the weather tracking company is looking at Somerville as a giant lab to stress-test its novel design for a local weather monitor.

Just a year ago, Understory raised $1.9 million in funding, changed its name, and moved from Madison, Wis., to Boston to join the Bolt hardware accelerator. It is currently based at the Somerville incubator Greentown Labs, and so this project provides the company with an opportunity to tinker with its new technology in its backyard. For the city, it’s a first shot at gathering high-density weather data that it can put to use during events like snowstorms....


NDUFilthy snow piles remain, even as temperatures climb


Will Somerville get a new makerspace between Tufts and Davis Square?

I'm sure they will find some way to link up.

"About a dozen officials of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration swarmed a broken construction elevator Friday afternoon, trying to determine what caused it to fall three stories the day before, killing one man and injuring another on Thursday afternoon."

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