Friday, May 22, 2015

Portrait of a Scapegoat

Someone put the glove on her!

"Library worker placed on leave as art remains missing; No charges filed; search continues for missing art" by Nestor Ramos, Shelley Murphy and Jan Ransom Globe Staff  May 21, 2015

The Boston Public Library employee removed from her post amid an investigation of two missing prints is a longtime librarian who oversees some of the BPL’s most valuable treasures, officials said Thursday.

A library spokeswoman declined to say why Susan L. Glover, 66, was placed on paid administrative leave April 20 — several days after library officials learned the prints by Rembrandt and Albrecht Dürer had vanished from the central branch in Copley Square.

Glover has not been charged in connection with the case, which involves art valued at more than $600,000. She is among a small group of people with access to the secure area where the prints were stored, a library spokeswoman said.

At the heart of the investigation is whether the vanished prints were stolen or if they were simply misfiled amid a collection of about 200,000 prints.


Three days of above the fold leads with a woman under suspicion and it could all be a mistake? The pictures could be sitting in the library now?

Glover joined the library staff in 1999 after stops at libraries in Chicago, Providence, and elsewhere, according to a resume provided to the Globe. Named keeper of special collections in 2007, Glover earned $105,451 in 2014.

Glover did not answer the door at her Charlestown apartment Thursday.

I don't blame her, and honestly, I'm not seeing a motive.

Relatives in Maine declined to speak with a reporter about the librarian, who is a member of the board of directors of the New England Regional Fellowship Consortium, which links 16 repositories of New England history and also provides grants for research on the region’s history.

Friends and colleagues in Boston also declined to discuss Glover, but John Zukowsky, a retired museum executive who worked with Glover at the Art Institute of Chicago, recalled her as efficient and trustworthy.

“This is not her doing,” Zukowsky said, offering that perhaps something had been misfiled — a common occurrence, he said. “I find it hard to believe she was behind the theft. . . . she’s been in this profession for decades now and nothing has come up.”


The investigation into the missing prints includes Boston police, the FBI, and the US attorney’s office.

The case has raised questions about security and oversight at the library, where officials initially responded to the April 8 discovery of the missing Dürer engraving by searching the collection to see if it had been misfiled, only to find that a Rembrandt self-portrait had also vanished.

See them here.

Officials are auditing the print collection to determine whether more items are missing.

“This is alarming to me and I have a lot of questions about a lot of things,” Mayor Martin J. Walsh told reporters Thursday. Security at the library is so shoddy, said one former member of the library’s board of trustees, that the only surprise was that more had not been stolen.

“There’s no inventory, there’s no cameras, there’s no security,” said the former trustee, who described telling administrators about the potential for theft years ago. Law enforcement officials have expressed the possibility that the disappearance of the prints is an inside job. 

(Blog editor incredulous that they bring the term up considering 9/11 and the rest; maybe it's an in-your-face-laugher as well as a convenient hangout so the propaganda pre$$ as well as authority can argue they consider such things, blah, blah, blah. I used to get excited by seeing such code, but now I'm skeptical of their intentions)

The case has been assigned to Assistant US Attorney Robert Fisher, the same prosecutor overseeing the investigation into the 1990 theft of $500 million worth of masterworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, according to two people with knowledge of the investigation into the missing library prints.

Sorry I've lost interest in the case.

A spokeswoman for the US attorney’s office declined to comment Thursday.

If the prints turn out to have been stolen, anyone charged in connection with such a theft would face significantly steeper penalties if the case is brought in federal court, rather than state court....

And if they are misfield and sitting somewhere??



“Police are investigating the disappearance of two works of art worth more than $600,000, including a print of a Rembrandt self-portrait, that went missing last month from the Boston Public Library’s flagship branch in Copley Square, authorities said Tuesday. A report from the Boston Police Department’s Anti-Corruption Unit states that officers learned in April that two prints, the one by Rembrandt and an Adam and Eve etching by Albrecht Dürer, were missing. Library officials learned of the missing prints on April 8 and Boston police were notified on April 29.”

That's the way the print read.

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The two go together remarkably well each and every time, don't they?

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Should have listened to the union(?).

They found a second scapegoat:

"Boston Public Library president Amy E. Ryan, in her first interview since two valuable pieces of art were reported missing from the main branch, described the potential theft as “a crime against Boston” and vowed Wednesday to tighten security at the nation’s oldest public library. Ryan, who arrived in Boston nearly seven years ago from Minnesota, finds herself amid the biggest crisis of her tenure."

It's about to get worse:

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