Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UPS Didn't Deliver For U.S. Taxpayers

I gue$$ $crewing taxpayers and consumers is $tandard operating procedure for AmeriKan business these days:

"United Parcel Service will pay $25 million to settle complaints it submitted false claims to the government on overnight deliveries. The Department of Justice said the payment settles a whistle-blower lawsuit filed by a former employee, who will get $3.75 million. UPS guaranteed delivery of overnight packages by a certain time. The whistle-blower charges that from 2004 to 2014, UPS recorded incorrect delivery times to make it seem as if the packages arrived on schedule or gave false reasons for being late."

So what can brown do for you?

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Obama is persecuting them (except for Petraeus). 

I didn't know Sterling was a black man, did you? 

Yeah, right, Obama is going to fix the racist police forces, yup.