Saturday, November 7, 2015

Stinky Saturday: Carson's Crap

You expected something else?

Looks like Ben stepped in the swirling steamer of a trap laid out for him by the ma$$ media. Globe was nice enough to clean it up for him(?). If anything he now appeals on an antiwar basis. Call me a Carson convert -- for the week, anyway (I'm grasping, folks). I'm done with the debating (don't like the coverage or the candidates) and what the party misses is Mitt; he'd have taken a hard line against Democraps.

NDUs (think lingering stinks):

"Ben Carson confronts mounting scrutiny; He says inquiries into past can help him with voters" by Bill Barrow and Sergio Bustos Associated Press  November 07, 2015

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Ben Carson may be an unorthodox candidate running an unorthodox campaign, but in a race in which an angry electorate has scrambled the established order in the Republican Party, the retired neurosurgeon says a ‘‘witch hunt’’ will only help him with voters.


Carson has every reason to expect that what for almost any other candidate would be considered negative attention will help him. While he’s long used extreme examples to make his case, including repeated references to such third-rails as Nazi Germany and slavery, he’s emerged as one of the GOP field’s best fund-raisers and sits atop numerous preference polls.

‘‘We’ve obviously had a variety of controversial statements,’’ admitted Doug Watts, Carson’s campaign spokesman. ‘‘Sometimes you just flip a coin as to how people will react to them.’’

That is the obvious question to the latest development in Carson’s rise — a whirlwind week in which one new question about his background was followed by another....

First it was a CNN attack, 'er, report, and then the The Wall Street Journal said something.


I'm told "the campaign has attracted more than 4.5 million followers on Facebook," and I can only wonder how many are actually real people. I'm of the thought now that someone will swoop into the convention and give the Republicans their strongest candidate to face Clinton.

"Seth Moulton, who bucked establishment Democrats last year when he took out nine-term incumbent John Tierney in a party primary, had hinted in August that he might back Vice President Joe Biden, before the vice president announced he would not run, has decided to support Hillary Clinton’s White House bid. Most of the state’s Democratic power structure has backed her campaign, with the notable exceptions of US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. Moulton told the Globe on Saturday that he was so put off by the Republican field he had concluded that Democrats needed to line up behind their strongest candidate. The former secretary of state is due back in Massachusetts on Dec. 3 for a fund-raiser hosted by philanthropists Bobby and Elaine Sager, according to people familiar with the event’s planning."