Monday, April 10, 2017

Mission Impossible Monday

RelatedSunday Globe Impossible to Read

I tried, I really tried, but after the notations and cross-confirmations.... sigh.

At UMass Boston, courses abruptly canceled

I noticed the feature first, and it comes on the heels of protests in support of the place. 

On eve of visit to Moscow, Rex Tillerson takes jabs at Russia

This was the right-hand corner lead, and rightly so. 

My initial reaction was how rude! You are invited to someone's house and you bad mouth them before arriving. Great. 

I scanned it and read most. My timeline on this complete 180 coming from Tillerson and Trump regarding Assad's fate comes about 3 weeks after Syria shot down of Israeli jet. That was followed up by the chem-weap false flag fiction. Now think about it: Once Assad showed Syria can defend itself against Israel, he's gotta go.... that and the batch of oil they have found under the Golan. Can you say buffer zone?

In the article the new NSC chief McMaster asks ‘Why are we supporting this murderous regime that is committing mass murder of its own population?,’ but he's being extroverted on the subject.

I hear him loud and clear, and he was being cheered  and praised when he came on to right the ship (he replaced Flynn, an independent mind that can teach Trump a lesson and steer him away from Russia and Turkey), and later in the paper (page A6) you can see the neocons moving any resistance out (Bannon already been sidelined, Kushner is running the show) of the room.

Below the fold:

New Boston Latin leader rooted in city, school district

Think I'll cut class today.

Critics worry faster FDA drug reviews could compromise safety

Do you know your biorights (ca$h $olves all problems)?

The hunt for the Incognito Bandit

Look here.


Thousands rally in Dallas for overhaul of immigration system

My national lead and I'm tired of agenda-pushing, controlled opposition protest.

Boy saved after falling into sewer main and being dragged a half-mile

Wisconsin churches on alert amid hunt for gun theft suspect

Who is this guy?

Hawaii LGBT couples seek equal access to fertility treatment

Wisconsin might stop dictating how much time children should go to school

Police say gym gunman had just been fired from fitness center


Stockholm truck-attack suspect was failed asylum-seeker

It used to be a nice country....

Navy sends strike group toward Korean peninsula

Striking North Korea would sure shift the media focus away from Syria while deflecting charges of a Zionist war agenda, right? 

My main worry now is a mushroom cloud over an American city (to be blamed on ???). The warmongers may be so desperate after the endless false flag fictions and that's the only way to top 9/11. Then it will be Trump the tyrant and who knows what else?


Islamic State claims Egypt bombings that killed at least 44

All I can think is Lavon Affair (or USS Liberty). JWHo benefits when Christians and muslims are at each others throats?

And Sissi was just here. Didn't get a warning?

Somalia’s new army chief survives car bomb that kills 13

Part of the shadow war.

Girl may not have been living with monkeys after all 

I'm not surprised; it's akin to girl lived with wolves meme.

US soldier is killed in Afghanistan

Kind of a forgotten war these days, and he was "the first US casualty in Afghanistan since the beginning of the year."

70,000 rally in support of Soros-founded school

I'm tired of agenda-pushing, controlled opposition protest being prominently featured in my paper.

Teen asylum-seeker suspect in Norway explosives case

It used to be a nice country....


To some, aggressive Justice Department stance looks like step back

N.Y. approves free college tuition for middle class

But not the lower?


Russia and Iran affirm commitment to Syrian government

Turkey wasn't mentioned so we know they are on the U.S. side this time. They want Assad out.


A son-in-law does not an administration make 

They still like him better than Bannon.

Prince Charles: Always in waiting, never the king

This is getting comical.


Eurasia is on the rise. Will the US be left on the sidelines?

Sachs of wi$dom?


Whipping up support for rec center becomes a cause celebre for teen activists

All seven members resign from Gordon College faculty Senate

They are not happy about something. 

You know, looking at the kids and the schools these days I see nothing but factories of politically-correct indoctrination and inculcation.

Sunny Sunday offers a prelude for warmer spring days to come

That's when I flipped the fold to get some shade.

Howard Elkus, 78; architect transformed parts of Boston


More to Patriots Day than the Battle of Lexington

Yeah, the Sox play at 11.

Catholics celebrate Palm Sunday at Chelsea church

That's when the bombings in Egypt came, huh?

Police blotter

Love-in on the Common

Where are they now?


Two men charged with Lynn rape that left victim critically injured

Samantha's husband was one?

Peabody man dead, four injured in Boxford crash following reports of racing




Mayor proposes deal on Winthrop Square tower, shadows

For money market investors, things are looking up a bit

Tax reform could change the business of drug advertising

Loans ‘designed to fail’: States claim loan giant preyed on students

Oh, just like the mortgages and other bundled "securities" and CDOs. 

You poor kids

No one the help, huh?


Talking Points


Third ‘Smurfs’ movie debuts at No. 3

Seems an oddly appropriate way to end the post, 'eh? 

UPDATE: I'm betting this was staged and scripted crisis drill fiction until proven otherwise, sorry. San Bernardino again?


Honestly, I don't think I can even crack the thing open today even if I do buy it.