Sunday, April 9, 2017

Today's Sunday Globe Impossible to Read

I knew it as soon as I saw it!

The summer that changed Boston The nation was splintering, and Boston wasn’t immune. But something was happening here.

I know it was 50 years ago, but seriously, 3/4 of the front page

I suppose there is nothing like pleasing your boss.

MRIs carry rare — but very real — hazards

That was top left-hand corner, and great, I might be needing one. 

Don't get an MRI in Massachusetts!

Don Chiofaro’s bullish run in Belmont

Lot of bull in my Globe, all right.

All were above the fold so.... 


Sweden arrests Uzbek man suspected of carrying out truck attack

Try as they might, cities can’t stop trucks from being used as weapons

Another crisis drill fiction to ban vehicles in cities?

Abuses of civilians, aid workers on rise

Since I last blogged about Sudan's Rape Crisis, I have received one report (fooling) regarding the crisis -- although I must admit I never looked at the Globe on the 5th, 6th, and 7th (and still didn't; held the paper up in front of the computer screen. Point of principle)

6 militant suspects die in police clash

That's in Indonesia.

Maduro opponents mount new protest

Coup in progress.

17 detained in plot to kill top politician 

Isn't that the base of the Jewi$h mafia in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union?


Moldova election may head to runoff
Pro-Russia candidate edges anticorruption rival in Moldovan election

Maybe not.


Full page ad for Total Wine.


Philippines assures China over order to occupy disputed islands

I wasn't worried.

Basque group ETA gives authorities list of weapons caches The Spanish government called on the rebels to “ask forgiveness from its victims and disappear.”

I know some people I would like to ask for forgiveness and then just disappear. I could live with that.

Spain, btw, just another Zionist tool (the case against Israelis was dismissed, although there is one brave judge who better be careful. Note the time change).


US strike on Syria fuels uncertainty on the ground

Government warplanes strike Syrian town hit by chemical attack Elsewhere in Syria, US-led airstrikes killed at least 21 people, including a woman and her six children who were fleeing on a boat across the Euphrates River.

Did Trump see the babies?

Related: Airstrike at the Syrian Mosque


Nikki Haley casts herself as his leading diplomat

I can't believe she is worse than Power and Rice!

Trump’s own deductions may pose vulnerability in tax overhaul effort

That's just nibbling at the edges; they can't really go where the corruption is, otherwise the Clintons would have and Obama would have had usable intel from the surveillance.


The future of flying could be no lines and $25 Boston-New York fares

Stay away from the airports.

South Carolina inmates charged in killings of 4 other prisoners


Congolese refugees take halting steps in new land

Since Policing the Congo the Globe gave me no further reports (fooling)-- although I must admit I never looked at the Globe on the 5th6th, and 7th (and still didn't; held the paper up in front of the computer screen. Point of principle)

Maybe someday the Palestinians who have been in refugee camps for 60 years will be welcomed by the Zionist War Pre$$.

What’s the use of a Boston mayoral reelection contest?

What the use of reading that?

1st-generation collegians learn to navigate unfamiliar waters

Ed Markey, Seth Moulton urge caution on Syria strategy

Now he wants caution, huh?


Krystle Campbell’s legacy lives on with UMass Boston scholarship


UMass Boston ralllies around departing chancellor

Maybe someday I will go back to school for you.

State House rally draws crowd in support of single-payer health care

All of a sudden the Globe is the paper of protest

I find my voice is better off here. Reaches more people.



And I'm sure I saw something on the back page.


City and country folk: We’re mostly the same in Massachusetts

Yeah, right!

What makes this the hottest class at MIT?

The rest is none of my business.


The tyranny of stock photos 

Yeah, ignore the tyranny enveloping you from all sides.

Why the US is failing at space

Because we never really went there and corruption is rampant?


In Rwanda, growth is the only option 

It's a miracle!


Mass. horse racing fund needs new mission

Don't step in the horse$h*t.

Trump’s Justice Department is blinding itself to injustice


The Russian connection

My pre$$ is literally a cartoon!


What makes ‘milk’ milk?

Something that nourishes the young of mammals?


Welfare for the arts? Bring it on. by Daniel Grant 

He must be looking for one.

Time to park this post.