Saturday, April 1, 2017

Slow Saturday Special: April Fool

When will I ever learn?

Above the foldTrump’s White House struggles to get out from under Russia controversy

The web version of the front page was changed to lead with this story which appeared on page A13 in my printed piece of slop. Not a good start.

For the White House, it was another chaotic day in which its attempt to regain control of the conversation was relegated to an afterthought in Washington.

That's odd because my second headline said "Russia talk keeps White House in crisis mode; Trump team can't gain traction as investigation remains news of the day"

That's where they lost me for the day.

Who and why are the investigations news of the day? Who is deciding that? 

Furthermore, the whole issue -- like everything else in the paper -- has been turned on its head. The issue is not nonexistent Russian interference in the election, it's the former sitting administration spying on the campaign and transition team of the opposite political party. 

It's all palace intrigue anyway. Trump can call out the pharmaceuticals and oil companies can be protested, but the agenda at the apex of the pyramid of power (Zionists) advances without criticism, as do the wars.

Ted Cutler, premier arts patron in Boston, dies at 86 From an improbable start as a Dorchester boy playing bass fiddle in a cowboy band, Ted Cutler knew that the arts nourish the soul.

Also got a page A6 eulogy, and it truly is a paper of and for the elite of Bo$ton.

Below the foldTrump’s backers want their lawmakers to support his agenda The dispute over the health bill implosion captures the cross-currents roiling the far-right of the Republican Party.

I have no party.

White nationalists are now recruiting at college campuses White nationalist groups have become an increasingly visible presence on college campuses, using fliers, posters, and e-mails in an effort to recruit new blood.

Hate to tell you this, but it is Zionist interests that are behind not only the anarchic left ($oros) but also behind the rabid right. Simple rule of control: control both extremes and all in between and your agenda is sure to advance. Government needs a self-created domestic enemy as well as foreign bogeymen.

Sanders and Warren rally faithful supporters The two progressives appeared in Boston to push for an overhaul of the Democratic Party.

(Dry heave)


A2: This year’s April Fool’s storm recalls another one two decades ago 

It fizzled this time.

A3: Task force calls for better care of pregnant addicts and their babies

Abstaining from both will solve the problem.

Someone apparently vandalized the ‘Big Papi’ bridge sign

Wasn't me.

A4: Cousin backs up Bradley’s testimony in Aaron Hernandez trial

Haven't been following it on a daily basis like the Globe.

27 indicted in largest animal cruelty case in New England

Don't know what was going on over there.

Court upholds bribery conviction in Lawrence trash truck case

You can take a look if you like.

A5: Five arrested at Lawrence immigration office

II: Warren wants another ‘people’s pledge’ barring outside advertising

A7: Boston man blows the lid off Crayola’s big secret

Child's play.

Stories that didn't make print:

Good Samaritans help save woman and child from burning Lowell home

Former Quincy man who fled child porn charges is arrested in Denver


A8: Girls go missing, and Washington’s racial divide yawns wider

I wonder which elite pedophile ring is scooping them up.

Fiery highway collapse may snarl Atlanta traffic for months 

I didn't comment on this item yesterday (and Globe ignored today); however, now its propaganda value is obvious. They took a decrepit, neglected piece of infrastructure that was ready to collapse and are telling you that fire from plastic piping(???) was hot enough to collapse steel and concrete. 

Yup, those buildings on 9/11 went down contrary to the laws of physics after all (not before or since, either, but ignore that) because an overpass in Atlanta collapsed. 

You interested in buying a certain bridge, readers?

US enrolls volunteers in large test of possible Zika vaccine

Another $care and $cam for now, but what will you do when the hazmat crews show up and you face evacuation or arrest? A lot harder to argue with them than a law enforcement officer, 'eh?

Charleston church shooter to plead guilty to murder charges

A12: GOP split on health care grows more bitter

Didn't make printed paperConservative allies blast GOP leadership, White House


A9: Tillerson delivers NATO allies a familiar message: Pay up Secretary of State Rex Tillerson joined a growing list of US officials to visit the hub of North Atlantic solidarity and scold the European allies for failing to spend enough on their collective defense.

War with Russia coming, Rex?

Israel says it will rein in ‘footprint’ of West Bank settlements It said it was allowing construction within existing settlements but limiting, “wherever possible,” their expansion into new territory.

It didn't look like they were reining in anything yesterday. WTF?

Venezuela’s top prosecutor rebukes Supreme Court power grab

Venezuela is like Chile in the 1970s and you would hardly know it from reading a Globe (I'm sure western oil conglomerates will pick up the slack).

South Africa faces turmoil after firing of finance minister

They are already in turmoil and changing masters hasn't helped the common folk, 'eh?

China plans panda preserve 3 times size of Yellowstone park

I can't bear it.


A10: Biogen wins a key patent ruling for its best-selling MS drug Cambridge company won’t have to pay US royalties on $4 billion Tecfidera pill.

Two thumbs up! 

Seamless transition for Ministry of Supply The high-tech clothing line Ministry of Supply is now using a 3-D printer to produce blazers in its Newbury Street flagship store. 

It's too tight.

GE schedules groundbreaking for new headquarters for May 8 General Electric plans to add a new kind of architecture to the mix in Fort Point: the futuristic corporate headquarters.

How many millions are the city and state ponying up for them?

A11 Mylan expands EpiPen recall to some devices distributed in US 

They price-gouged a tool that prevents allergic deaths in kids, then made more profits when under pressure for a solution, then lied about them, and now this. 

Of course, the reason the tool is needed is because of the adjuvants (mostly peanut oils) added to vaccines to get the body to accept them.

Stocks end quarter with solid gains after day of listless trading

Black Falcon warehouse up next in Seaport industrial makeover

That last article didn't make print.

A14: EDITORIAL What’s Ivanka Trump’s brand of presidential advice? A person with no government experience is officially advising a president with no government experience.

The Globe has been obsessed with her lately.

Well, it's crazy to continue with the Saturday roundup so I'll just say my goodbyes.

Have Good Life and don't get too upset.